Yamaha RX King could be produced again

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Old motor trends are now mushrooming in Indonesia. Therefore a lot of people who buy and restore the motorcycle.

Of course because of that, one of the manufacturers there are trying out a new motorcycle with the concept of retro.

Yup, the manufacturer is Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) with its latest product W175 in November 2017 ago.

KMI declared the launch of W175 on the back of the booming retro motorcycle market in Indonesia.

And also the number of consumers who modify the motorcycle retro style.

Not even a month was launched, KMI said W175 booking exceeded expectations.

"The number that goes in the dealership has reached 1500 units".

"Maybe because we opened a new segment at the price of Rp 30 million, so the demand is good enough," said Deputy Head Sales and Promotion Department KMI Michael Candra Tanadhi some time ago.

While Yamaha seems more cool-cool.

Though the old product that is RX-King many demand and hunted people.

However, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) does not want to make the trend as a reference to produce RX-King again.

YIMM General Manager Marketing Eddy Ang said that regulations related to exhaust emissions have now changed.

That is the obstacle for the manufacturer to reproduce his old motorcycle.

According to Eddy, Yamaha old motorcycles almost entirely 2-stroke engine. Carbon in the exhaust emissions of 2-stroke engines is considered not to meet the reference EURO III.

"Manufacturers are difficult (reproduce) because emissions regulations have changed".

"It could be (re-manufactured), but whether the vintage will become an infecting virus? We are still watching," said Eddy, Thursday (15/3/2018).

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