Anti-Bomb Range Rover for a rich man whose safety is threatened

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LONDON - Division of Special Vehicle Operations (SPO), Land Rover Range Rover makes bulletproof antimissile called Sentinel. This car is for rich people who feared for her safety.

Paired with the material in this car, Land Rover ensure the safety of passengers against a variety of weapons.

This car uses six layers of high-strength steel. Vehicle body parts also use the panel hold of a grenade explosion. Glass windows were made of a special material that can not be penetrated sniper bullets.

In addition, the fuel tank can be sealed automatically to avoid sabotage. Exhaust is made from a special material that is not easily broken or penetrated explosives. Then the tires can fill and there is a layer of air automatic replacement if exposed to fire. This technology allows the car can still go even though the wheels were fired.

In the worst situations, such as car attacked in repeatedly using heavy weapons, designers Sentinel has prepared a way out so-called Emergency Escape System that is behind the last row seating. Add security features around the car mounted camera to monitor the car around.

Although this car as "tank" unarmed, the comfort and luxury remain unnoticed SVO. Refrigerator to store drinks are available in leather as well as covering some parts of the cabin.

Cardiac driving uses a gasoline engine 3.0-liter supercharged V6. The machine must have adjusted the weight of a vehicle heavier than the regular model. Use bulletproof and bomb materials have certainly made the vehicle becomes heavier.

Car drivers will receive training from Land Rover. The training material is not only about how to drive, but also how to solve the problem in an emergency.

Range Rover Sentinel priced from 290 thousand pounds or approximately Rp6.3 billion.

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