Honda ready to introduce Motor CB with powered Super

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Including a two-wheeled automotive world increasingly evolved. A number of models with a modern look to advanced features have been born in order to adjust the times and market demand.

Nevertheless, it does not mean the market with a form of retro motorcycle abandoned. Therefore, there is still much demand until now. On this basis the manufacturer Honda tried to give new nuances in the motorcycle industry by presenting CB Concept.

Interestingly, CB Concept on the one hand has a vintage appearance, but equipped with a large capacity machines are inspired from their MotoGP bike, RS213V-S. Thus was launched Motoroids, Friday, October 2, 2015.

While talking of his form, this motor various models with CB1100. As a result overall this bike looks terrible. Originally, this motor will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the end of October. For one thing, the motor is still a concept, and will not be made in bulk for sale.

As seen in the picture above, this motor will share the engine, frame, suspension and brakes with CB1100. However, the overall design has been updated. A number of points were getting updates the fuel tank and seats. Although seemingly simple, yet elegant.

In addition to CB Concept, Honda will also bring CB1100 Custom Concept is also based on the current generation of CB1100. However, the model is closer to the style cafe racer.

To support the modification impression that was followed, the motor is equipped with a graphical touch checkered flag with matching solid black color on his body. Also fitted with mirrors that are attached to the handlebars.

CB1100 seat Custom Concept is also different from the CB Concept. CB1100 seat Custom Concept change in part because of enhanced pillion. One thing serves to support the appearance when driving alone, but can also be used to hitchhike passengers functional.

Although already released two images of the motor retro concept, but manufacturers are still reluctant Wing Packing deliver performance numbers on the engine.

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