What is the advantage of Yamaha TMax Sport Edition

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Yamaha TMax Sport Edition

In the ranks of Maxi Yamaha, TMax is the highest model. 530 cc two-cylinder engine is equipped with various excellent features, such as cruise control, heated seat and grip, and adjustable windshield.

Yamaha TMax comes in four variants, TMaz STD ABS, TMXX SX, TMXX SX Sport, and TMax DX as the highest caste.

Volving Visordown, Wednesday (14/3/2018), in addition to the four types, the manufacturer bearing this tuning fork also presents variants Sport Edition (SE). This model is based on the SX variant with various additional accessories.

For the TMax model, it has been equipped with Akrapovic exhaust as standard, with carbon heat protection.

Not only the premium exhaust, this motor also get a new windshield black is shorter. If in ordinary model, Yamaha TMax equipped with white or clear windshield with adjustable height.

Subsequent changes, the rear spacers are removed and replaced with a bracket or plate holder.

Yamaha is armed with standard TMax engines, but Yamaha pinned Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) technology for this model.

This feature is a system commonly adapted from high-performance Yamaha motorcycles, such as the R1-M. With this system, motor control is more precise with a very instant gas response, and with a 32-bit ECU capable of detecting rotation of the gas lever and providing the most appropriate input on the machine as needed.

In addition, there are two driving modes Yamaha TMax DX, namely Town and Sport. For Town, it allows the machine to work with a less aggressive response. With this driving mode, the motorcycle is able to produce better efficiency.

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