Electric Bus Production, Battery Factory Will Be Built in Indonesia

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Indonesia- Supports electric bus made by PT Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB) to continue until the production phase, General TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko plans to build a battery factory in Indonesia. Previously, the Anak Bangsa electric bus attracted a lot of attention when it was exhibited at Gaikindo Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo, at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

"We are currently going to upgrade the bus first, we will make more comfortable. I also see from some caroseries already have good standards, and will hold Gemilang Malaysia's caroseries because they are also interested, "said Moeldoko.

Not stopping there, he also expressed had planned to build a battery factory in Indonesia. Even he mentioned the realization will not be too long, some companies from other countries have also approached the cooperation.

"There are from Korea, China, Shanghai, and there are also from Japan, while from the locale does not exist yet. We also have human resources who have expertise in the field of battery management, later we can collaborate with overseas and happen TOT (Transfer of Technology) and the future will be 100%, "he explained.

Even so has not explained in detail about the investment step of the battery factory that will do, and who the company will then become a partner in the future. "I'm sorry I can not explain. However, at least there is an agreement with my partner from abroad, who want to build a battery factory here, that's the point, "said Moeldoko

"It will then be related to its economic value, what will I be able to prepare the land, while they will make the plant up to the development and the other," he continued.

He added that this is important, because setting up an electric battery factory is one of the main components of electric vehicles. Even so, Moeldoko stated, there are still some obstacles faced.

"In order to build the battery factory, the issue is on the waste problem, environmental factor.If I think the waste factor can actually be eliminated with high standardization, and have a sense of responsibility.I do not want to build a battery factory in Indonesia cause environmental problems So it must be tight, maintaining social responsibility is important, "he explained.

In addition, material constraints become another problem. The metal that is the material to make batteries is still hard to come by. "We are still difficult to get the metal, hopefully in the future when we run, we can develop our own metal manufacture, as we already have in Bangka," added Moeldoko.

With the help of cooperation from parties who are experts in the field of electric vehicles, he predicted that in 5 years Maxvel is 100% local content can be achieved. "Later in the future will be 100% .As I built this electric car with the Shanghai side we send my team 12 times there, there are 10-11 here his team Shanghai to Indonesia pacing, filling each other," he said.

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