CR-V got Headunit complaint, It's Honda's response

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Latest Honda CRV get complaints related to headunit or audio-video multifunction device mounted on the dashboard.

A number of people suspected as users complained about it through social media Honda. The reason is that the headunit does not work normally even if it has been fixed.

The problem itself is tersendatnya headunit function, including when using a flash. Not only that, other problems concerning the GPS function.

"Should the Honda replace headunit to another model or type ... If the problem of replacement is still with the same headunit ... useless, not to mention GPS who like to appear suddenly," so one comment devoted to the Honda account.

Honda through the timeline in the same account responds that the car owner can go to the official workshop if you have problems.

"If there is damage ... can immediately bring his vehicle to the nearest authorized Honda repair shop to get handling," wrote the Honda.

However, the complaint persists. The question was then submitted to the Marketing and After Sales Service Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy, but he reluctantly responded further.

"Thank you (for information on headunit complaints) .No (response to the complaint)," he said.

SUV is one variant using a turbo with a 1,500 cc engine is using modern headunit with touch screen.

Headunit with a large enough screen, 9 inches, it does have many functions. Not only meet the needs of audio-video with connections such as USB port, but also smartphone connection, NAVI system, to multi-angle rearview camera.

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