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ROME - The name may be most synonymous Vespa scooter, but who would have thought that the Italian brand was never produce cars. It's just a car which was launched by the Vespa appeared the first 10 years since the factory they stand.

Given the name Vespa 400, was produced in small amounts. Listed on debut in 1957 - 1961 Vespa 400 just launched as many as 20 thousand units.

Interestingly, one of the Vespa 400 remaining at this time appears in the buying and selling site eBay for sale. Amazingly, the car is offered with full original condition. With less years of production in 1959, this car only has a distance as far as eight thousand kilometers.

Even so, it can not be denied some parts of the car that has been aging. One of them as part of the cloth upholstery started dull and car body parts are slightly deformed. But part of the metal panel Vespa 400 remains intact inedible rust.

Reporting from Motor1, Thursday (10/20/2016), for labor affairs, Vespa 400 hold the engine two-cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled with an output of 13 Tk. With the provision of the car can be driven up to speeds of 83.4 km / h.

The owner said, he did routine maintenance of the Vespa 400 so that some parts such as transmission components, suspension until the clutch is still able to work well. By doing so, the owner sells the car at a price of US $ 39,975.

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