Honda officially launched Supra 150X

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Supra 150X

Some of this month, many motorcycle enthusiasts talk about the latest artificial Honda motorcycle. In Indonesia, the motor is tipped to carry the name Supra 150X.

Thursday, April 7, 2016, the motor is first launched in Vietnam. In these countries, the motor was named Winner 150.

Different from the motorcycle ever made Honda, Winner 150 displays sharp body lines and futuristic, similar to Vario automatic scooter.

Motor is using the engine capacity of 150cc and is equipped with liquid cooling. Engine power output reached 15.4 horsepower and 13.5 Newton meters of torque. However, the most interesting is the transmission system. If the Supra X legacy are still using four-speed manual transmission, the Winner 150 has adopted a six-speed.

The motors are systems already use the technology of LED lighting has a weight of 122 kilograms and measuring 4.5-liter petrol tank. Supra X previous generations weighs 106 kilograms and the size of the four-liter gas tank.

Unfortunately, it is unknown how the selling price of this bike. But clearly, the sale will begin in June 2016. Winner 150 is available in two versions, standard and advanced, with a choice of four colors.

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