Alert, this effect wears tire polish containing silicone

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Steps to make the car look shiny one with tire polish. However, you should be wary of existing content in the tire polish.

"Tire shine that truly shine for the tires is important. Select which does not contain silicon," said Eddy Halim of Carindo, Nano Ceramic distributor in Jakarta.

Men with Eddy's greeting said when the silicon content in the tire polishing serves to make shine. However, the impact of this silicon on the tires even make a crack.

Polish the tires was good, according to Eddy still taking care of the tires but not fractured. Typically, these tires do not wear polish silicon as obstetricians to burnish the tire wall.

"There is a polish for caring for tires that are not easy to crack, there is little shiny. He was specially made rubber, make him pliable," he continued.

Eddy revealed when the tire polish as this is usually available in major car salon or store providing treatment branded car. "Yes, a lot of brands, if I am a layman I have to go to a professional place," he said. 

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