New Variant Nissan Livina Officially Launched

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New Variant Nissan Livina Officially Launched

After the last in 2013 Grand Livina gets a big change, Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) is now introducing additional new variants, XV with Highway Star emblem. Variants are still available one unit was first performed at the "coffee ground" The owner the Livina, LivinALife, in Yogyakarta, Saturday (05/07/2016).

XV is a variant of Livina middle, above the SV but under Highway Star and Highway Star Autech. Basically, the new variants are available manual transmission and CVT is a cheaper version of the Autech Highway Star.

According to Budi Nur believer, GM Marketing Strategy and Product Development Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI), the exterior design of Highway Star Autech much favored prospective customers. However, because the most expensive price so confining the desire to buy.

"Many prospective customers were not accomplished bought it so we created variants variants with Autech Highway Star luxury in the XV variant," said Budi.

Appearance XV Highway Star became more elegant because it adopts many parts Autech Highway Star, the grille, body kit and 16-inch rims. The difference compared to Higway Star Autech, namely the seat upholstery and minus monitor in the ceiling.

NMI also embed a new type of 2DIN head unit, the main entertainment device features a mirror links which means it can be integrated with smart phones. The new 2DIN head unit was also pinned on all variants of the Grand Livina.

Of the replacement head unit that can be said, all variants of the Grand Livina gets a touch of minor change.

The plan is a new variant, XV Highway Star was launched and went on sale in June, that means going to compete directly with its new competitor from Toyota Sienta. There has been no official statement from the NMI about the price, but according to the salesperson at the site of the increase of variants XV at between Rp 10 millions - Rp 20 million.

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