Car work UII Yogyakarta can be controlled from Android Smartphone

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Jakarta - Technology Autonomous or without a driver and an electric car developed by the manufacturer of the world aggressively. Apparently, the technology was successfully integrated into the car's creation student Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta.
"This artificial UII students themselves, the electric car technology based on Android. From turn on, turn right and left, check the battery can use Android," said Tatak Tiara Sofyan, UII students Department of Industrial Engineering in 2013.

The car is named Kaliurang Unisi 2 can be driven from Android-based devices or driven directly. Bak remote control, the driver can sit in the cockpit while listening to music while driving using a tablet.

"Use the phone can, use the can. When driving the tablet in place the steering wheel while you hear music," continued Tatak.

To use the energy sources electricity from the battery. The battery charging process takes up to four hours. "The battery is four hours on a single charge. The distance could s 15-20 km with a speed of 65 km / h," he said.

With all the technological advantages, not expect the government helped pay attention to the nation's children. The government is also expected to propel the vehicle into mass production.
"Our expectation would like to get support from the government regarding the younger generation who focus on research and technological development. In addition, also aided the development to mass production," said Tatak.

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