R25 and Nmax, the best-selling export Yamaha Indonesia

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Otosome - Number of Yamaha Motor Indonesia's production is sent abroad continues to grow. In January, a total of 15 479 units sold out, rapidly increasing 86% compared with January 2015.

Type most exported in January 2016 YZF-R25 are as many as 4,440 units and Nmax many as 4,040 units.

Two pedestal Yamaha was in fact highly preferred by consumers outside, proven throughout 2015 recorded the highest exports in the list Yamaha, YZF-R25 as many as 39.160 units and Nmax many as 31.760 units. Even exports rose sharply YZF-R25 147% in January 2016 compared with December 2015.

"Increasing the number of total exports of this is a testament to consumers outside recognize the quality of the product Yamaha Indonesia. We also have to pay the trust as a global production base models such as the YZF-R25, Nmax and MT-25, which is in the market beyond the demand continues to soar," said Assistant GM Marketing PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Mohammad Masykur in a press release on Thursday (02/25/2016)

Sport naked bike MT-25, launched in 2015, exports rose 113% in January 2016 (2,040 units) compared to December 2015 (960 units).

In addition, the all-new Soul GT-tech automatic Blue Core, which was introduced last year also in great demand in export markets.

After the first time exported in June 2015 at the rate of 800 units, then consistent numbering in the thousands units in the months thereafter until January 2016. There were 3,000 units of the all-new Soul GT exported in January 2016.

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