4 Habits It Make Cars More Fuel Efficient

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Otosome - Latest car engines are generally equipped with advanced features to save fuel. But with menerepkan simple habits such as the automotive tips below, the car could be even more efficient again.

Solopos.com quoted from the official website of Daihatsu Indonesia, Monday (22/02/2016), the first automotive tips that car more fuel efficient is to accelerate slowly.

If the acceleration of the car is done from a position of rest, should stomp the gas pedal gently and slowly. Try accelerated to a speed of 20 km / h in five seconds.

Tips economical second car, avoid the habit of stepping on the gas and then braked suddenly. We recommend that you drove at a constant speed so that the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber remains stable. Besides driving is also safer.

Furthermore, if you want to reduce speed, use engine brake. The way to release the gas handle a few moments and then step on the brake handle. The use of engine brake is able to save on gasoline consumption by five percent.

In addition to the drive, other automotive tips that should be habits that fuel efficient cars is to control the use of air conditioning (AC). If you want to use continuously, we recommend setting the air conditioner at the lowest temperature.

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