A closer look at the latest Toyota Innova

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OtoSome - Before viewing the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (28.10.2015), Toyota Indonesia to invite some of the national media to witness the latest Innova from close in Toyota City, Japan.

If you see him directly, Innova looks more luxurious and exclusive than look at the photo. First, the grille with a keen design language look proven to improve the look even more classy.

"We combined style chrome on the grille and black at the bottom to thicken the impression of luxury," said Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Chief Engineer Hiroki Nakajima, (10/27/2015).

In addition, men who also served as a Managing Officer of TMC said, headlamps with projector models were added lis at the top and 4 LEDs near the grille, making Innova more luxurious.


Interesting things contained in the latest Innova is the 3 fins on each side. 1 in the A-pillar located near the side mirrors and 2 on the brake lights.

Explained, three functions such as supporting fins press the power when the car drove. Is expected to provide good stability. It may be that such design is the answer to relieve symptoms of dizziness.

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