Toyota Rush Will Replace Engine Dual VVT-i

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Dual VVT-i Toyota will most likely be expanded to other models of collaboration between Toyota-Daihatsu in Indonesia. Model called the most likely is the Rush-Terios SUV.

Major change on the model that was launched last week, Avanza-Xenia has used the new engine is a dual VVT-i, 1.5L and 1.3L 1NR-VE-VE 1NR. While Rush-Terios facelift model of the first slide remained on the old machine Avanza-Xenia, namely 1.5L 3SZ-VE.

Dadi Hendriadi, GM Technical Service Toyota Astra Motor, said the use of the latest dual VVT-i on Rush is likely to occur. "Wait a moment because actually the same engine as the Avanza," said Dadi in Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show, Wednesday (26/08/2015).

In simple logic, it is not difficult to move new machines Avanza to Rush, obviously Dadi. Even so there are many things that should be examined first because of different specifications, for example, be seen from the weight of the vehicle, the value of wind resistance, the Electronic Control Unit, and the motion system. "It should be evaluated first," says Dadi.

Posfitif side when dual VVT-i engine used on clear Rush can deliver a better driving experience. KompasOtomotif direct current test the latest Avanza, operation of the vehicle turned increasingly unreliable.

Dadi would not comment when the application of dual VVT-i engine at Rush realized. But of course that is so not only Rush notes were changed, Terios seems to have the same development. "It all depends on the market demand Rush," says Dadi.

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