Mercy prepare electric car competitor Tesla

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Until now, the king of electric cars is Tesla Motors, based in California, United States (US). This dominance slowly plagued by many manufacturers, either old or new manufacturer.

One of them is Mercedes-Benz. No half-hearted, they reportedly are developing electric cars that can travel a distance between 400-500 km on a single charge. Similarly, reports Automotive News.

In fact, Mercedes development chief, Thomas Weber, told German automotive magazine, Auto Motor Und, the car will soon be paved.

Weber added that the architecture of this car is made as flexible as possible. This makes the electric car technology can be implemented into many models.

Mercy is actually no stranger to electric car technology. Within a few years, they have implemented similar technology on some models, such as the Smart ForTwo, the A-Class, B-Class and SLS AMG.

Daimler even made two new company devoted to develop lithium ion batteries for cars.

According to the same source, the background of Mercy policy is not because the increasingly fierce competition in the automotive industry. In addition to Tesla, many manufacturers are beginning to develop similar technologies, such as Audi and BMW.

Moreover, the carbon gas emission standards are increasingly stringent requires all manufacturers to produce cars that are environmentally friendly, in which one solution is indeed electric cars.

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