Daihatsu reason not to sell sedans in Indonesia

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Generally, the agent brand holder (APM) cars in Indonesia play in the sedan segment, but not with PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM). What is the reason?

ADM marketing director Amelia Tjandra said the sedan market in Indonesia is still very small. Sales are still dominated by car MPV and SUV.

"Sedan really small market. If APM others bring sedan, usually CBU (completely built up) instead of CKD (completely knocked down). If Daihatsu right wants to make here just let it affordable. For investments is also too big, so was the target volume, " he said.

To be produced in Indonesia, said Amelia, the car must sell at least 2,000 units per month.

Daihatsu is currently perched at the second position as the largest APM with car sales in Indonesia under Toyota. The biggest sales contributor Daihatsu Gran Max is both minibuses and pickup variants. In addition, the vehicle type MPV Xenia also become one of the mainstays of Daihatsu.

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