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Not only the look and completeness of course the power of the latest Avanza, Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) is also provided him with a new engine. To use the code 1NR 1.3L variant while the 1.5L wear 2NR. Not only the engine block and cylinder head are updated, embedded technology also has been used on premium models, namely dual variable valve (dual VVT-i).

Capitalize some of these changes, Toyota believes changes in the power source used is able to provide optimal performance according to customer wishes. Here are 7 advantages of the new machine at the Grand New Avanza.

1. Dual variable valve claimed to increasingly deliver optimized power requirements in the engine rev down or up. If the previous technology (VVT-i) setting the valve opening only on the path of the suction / entry (intake), this time the exhaust path / exit (exhaust) is also set.

The advantage is clear to provide efficiency in the combustion chamber so that the power generated is optimal. In addition it can produce exhaust emissions are low because there is exhaust gas that can be processed back in the combustion chamber.

2. The use of lighters in the combustion chamber (plugs) are already using the model of iridium. Differences with regular plugs used on the previous model is the tip of the electrode more powerful and capable of producing sparks greater.

3. The injector used this time has 8 holes (previously 4). Logically, if the hole injector plus the carburetion in the combustion chamber will be more extravagant. However, for use on the new machine, although the hole diameter increases but smaller than the old injector. With so carburetion can be optimized and fuel so easily burned.

4. If the previous throttle opening regulated mechanically or using a cable, this time wearing the latest model of the electrical system, known as drive-by-wire. Unscrew the moment regulated by the ECU so that the power generated can be optimized but still could efficiently.

5. Sensor detonation (knock sensor) made more sophisticated. Detection of symptoms which is also known by the more sensitive ngelitik. It is one of the important components for adjusting the octane level of fuel used consumer. If you look at the specs, the new Avanza can sip Pertalite or higher RON.

6. There completeness engine immobilizer to complicate the work of thieves. The machine will not flash when not using the factory default key. Thus, the "key T" which is often a mainstay thief or duplicating the work of craftsmen keys can not be used to start the engine.

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