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Beautiful face, smooth skin, ideal body and levels, has become a key condition of women in working as a sales promotion girl (SPG). They are a cornerstone for a company in selling consumer products at the same rake.

But have you ever thought of where the SPG come from? Usually such sweet women 'nurtured' in an agent before it is piped to the client. Although managed by the agency, the SPG is the status of casual workers.

In Indonesia, SPG has developed the business agent for a long time. Management of these agents was different. There is formed by a company or individual.

So, how the advantages of being an agent SPG? It was not always this kind of business into the fields collect the coffers despite the many events held.

"The business is mostly supply from the fever," said Fanny Nugraha, Co-Founder SYNERGYlinkCo, Tuesday (18/8) then. This complaint is based on invalidated because of the high risk of working with clients.

He told us, usually the owner company of food products, cigarettes or gadget is the clients who often use the services of his SPG. To market 'foster children' is, Fanny admitted using chain messages through the smart phone to clients.

Patience is the key to this 30-year-old man underwent SPG agent business. Admittedly, during the five years of struggling into the agency it has been content to accept the uncertainty of the client.

"That overwhelmed that not many orders but how to lure clients, because many (clients) who see it. Because the average client was asked for a photo. And the average (from personal experience) a 50 percent drop out in the middle of the road," he said.

Earnings for each month is also uncertain. Depending on how many foster children who were recruited in the event. "If we all become EO (event organizer) could be a lot. But if nyalurin SPG course that was nothing."

When employers complain that the vagueness client, reverse conditions were felt the SPG. Women perceived as sweet at the annual automotive event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2015.

SPG Dunhill cigarettes, Inayah (24), said he was happy to work as an SPG. It has been two years of his career to cultivate this. Various kinds of products admitted once held.

He claimed, in revenue was counted more than enough. Per shift, equivalent to six to eight hours of work, he can earn Rp 400,000 in IIMS 2015 which took place from August 19 to August 30 this.

"Yeah it feels good does not have money. But the foot must pegel road that goes around," said the sweet female flawless.

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