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SPG alias term Sales Promotion Girl in the middle of society reap many negative opinions. This assumption is because they dare to look sexy when selling a product. On the one hand, they are even considered cutting edge in marketing.

SPG is believed to use the services of a powerful hit in the market. Because the women are beautiful and sexy this determines the success of a product's sales target.

"SPG was the most favored. Therefore, the deciding factor. The tip of the spear. Because of his money (of consumers) directly," said observer Marketing Yuswohady.

According to him, interest in SPG services usually come from middle-class companies in marketing their products. Although considered to help sales, services SPG unfortunately did not make the wider community aware of products being marketed.

SPG service manager or agent, Fanny Nugraha business claimed that this played no much different Like the brokers. The reason is, there is no permanent office or definite contract to manage women sweet.

Co-Founder SYNERGYlinkCo. This said, most of his clients refuse to perform the contract of employment in the services of SPG. So there is little collaboration fell through.

"The average contract in place without black and white. Gantlement agreement only, unless major projects over Rp 15 million normally," said Fanny.

Not only there, Fanny recognizes no fewer clients many protests and delayed payments. According to him, the payment of fair SPG services performed after the event.

Inayah (24), a cigarette SPG, claimed to have felt the late payments from clients. For two years carry out this work, he never got a two-month wait for a fee.

"Been a long time paid. Definitely the lazy been waiting so, moreover it is our right," said the sweet girl at the annual automotive event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2015.

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