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Peugeot Scooter
Peugeot Scooter are present in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2015 originally just wanted to introduce a product without opening the booking. Because the motors Frenchman will be ready in January 2016.

"Initially there was no plan, but it never hurts to try. Finally we agreed with the principals, open but with advance reservations," said CEO Garansindo Group, Mohammed Al Abdullah or familiarly called Memet.
"Yes there should be an advance, which means they are the message is serious. If the original booking with no sign so useless," he continued as he describes the minimum down payment for Peugeot Django is IDR 2.5 million.

Initially, Memet and principals only predict booking no more than 100 units. The consideration, this brand is really new to the national motorcycle market. But the fact is, demand is already approaching 300 units!
"Having seen and could be tried on a test ride area, a lot of direct messages. This is not unexpected. Apparently premium bike is quite attractive, especially Django," said the friendly man who is not interested in targeting the mainstream motorcycle market.

When asked which are most in demand, this bespectacled man with a straightforward call Django as the most desirable models. Being in the next position is no City Star and Metropolis.
For the price, Django Scooters Peugeot 150 sold from IDR 34.9 million, IDR 53.9 million Citystar 200 and 400 Metropolis which is a three-wheeled scooter for IDR 219 million. Everything is off the road in Jakarta.

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