Lexus LF-LC, Car Coupe Sport Strength 500 Horsepower

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Lexus LF-LC
Tangerang - Besides featuring cars hydrogen-fueled future, Lexus Future Small Adventure (LF-SA), Lexus Indonesia PT Toyota Astra Motor show one other concept vehicles, the Lexus sports sedan Future Luxury Coupe (LF-LC).

General Manager of Lexus Indonesia PT Toyota Astra Motor Adrian Tirtadjaja said the car was shown in Indonesia because of the sports car market in the country has great potential. "On the street, we often see a Ferrari or Lamborghini," he said during the auto show Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), which was held in Indonesia Convention Exhibition, Tangerang, Banten, Sunday, August 23, 2015.

Moreover, said Adrian, this vehicle uses hybrid technology that powered the 500 horse power. Two seater car is also claimed fuel efficiency.

Currently on display at the Lexus booth, the position of the steering wheel is still red on the left. "It's imported, just to put on display," says Adrian. This vehicle look too impressed elegant, artistic, and luxurious. Spindle grille is present like a three-dimensional sculpture, daytime running light L-shaped vertical accompany fog lamp, and the rear lights are inspired by the afterburner jet.

For a glass roof, he said, light weight because it was inspired by modern architecture. Greenhouse design on this vehicle to help the driver in better visibility. The designer is Edward Lee on the exterior and Ben Chan for the interior.

In the interior, said Adrian, wide-bodied concept car dashboard is also filled with a variety of panels, both analog and digital, with touch controls. All of the touch panel can also be enabled to control a variety of purposes, such as playing music, phone, navigation, to regulate the temperature of the car cabin. "For navigation, given two 12.3-inch screens in the cabin," he said.

When asked about when to start marketed Lexus LF-LC, Adrian did not give a definite time. "Hopefully under five years can be produced," he said. That means that, by 2020, this car can be sold.

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