Yamaha Nmax greeted positively in Russia

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Jakarta - In addition to Western Europe, Nmax Yamaha Indonesia also exported to Eastern Europe, Russia, which received positive response of local communities.

"The results are encouraging because NM-X fully meet the expectations of consumers in this segment. NM-X commuter premium city very comfortable and hi-tech. This is according to customer needs," said Yamaha Motor CIS (YMCIS) through a written statement on Thursday, October 20th 2016.

Yamaha scooter market premium in Russia under the name NM-X with a capacity of 125 cc. 2016 was the first season's motorcycle sales.

"According to our dealership, NM-X is the perfect choice for consumers who are looking for a comfortable seating position, appearance or premium quality and easy to use in the city," said YMCIS management.

As in Indonesia, NM-X is also used as a motor for the users daily large motors.

"They chose NM-X because it looks very modern and riding so much easier. Consumers also like the fuel that is economical," wrote YMCIS.

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