Hummer cheap, Made in Sleman

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Hummer Made in Sleman
Hummer is famous as a rover vehicle that has a high overweight exorbitant price tag. But not for '' Hummer 'this one.

Yes, indeed its shape resembles a real Hummer. However it turns out, the car is a replica alias imitation made a citizen of Sleman, Yogyakarta. Men proficient creators of "Hummer" it is Eko Budi Rahmanto (59), villagers Banjarsari, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

According to him, since 2004, there have been 10 successful Hummer replica that he made. The cars were sold out because the price is somewhat skewed, as well as away from the tag of the original. Although the status of the replica, consumers Eko said he was satisfied with his work, both exterior, interior, as well as sectors of the legs.

"Initially, I made the 'Hummer' is the time to buy in Jakarta. The situation destroyed all, can not get the way. Finally, I take it to Yogya, and fix it. Both the body and so I follow all, and I managed to make it so good," said Eko in an interview with Reuters, some time ago.

He claims, though not the real engine Hummer, but the power of the engine close to the original. The body did he say one to one with the original. Therefore, the model used is similar to the original.

"But if I use the Japanese machine, the original Hummer difficult search engine. If anything, must be very expensive. However, if the lights and rear view mirror I bought the original Hummer," he continued.

To conjure the Hummer, he admitted that he spent approximately Rp. 400 million - Rp. 450 million. Usually he set his work on top of it, but not until Rp. 1 billion.

"Actually, many of which asked for a Hummer car. But because the price is expensive, I do not dare to receive orders. Currently, only colleagues close to it. The budget is large because,, I do not dare to take risks," he said.

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