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Isuzu Panther

Jakarta- In addition to playing in the commercial segment of the automotive market in the country, Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) also played in the passenger car segment with two champion, mu-X and Panther.

Even so, for the sale of the two vehicles are still not able to compete with other manufacturers in the same segment. Moreover, one of the models of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) medium mainstay Isuzu Panther to date has received no refresher.

According to Keiji Takeda, President IAMI, to Panther until now there has not planned to get a refreshment. Because, to rejuvenate Panther required substantial investment.

"Panther right segment has been dominated by Toyota Kijang Innova, and more recently the models do model change and the price is also higher," Takeda said while talking to reporters in Karachi, algebra.

According to this Japanese man, with the high price of the Toyota Kijang Innova range it sees there is a vacancy in the price segment, and automatic currently only filled by Isuzu Panther.

"For the segment at this price is empty, and only filled Panther. We should think of it," he added.

Although there is no intention to give a fillip to the Panther, the demand of consumers towards a new model of Panther indeed continue to exist. "Consumer demand? From 10 years already, but if you do the refresher will require substantial investment," he concluded.

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